Image by Kyle Glenn

What is your survival strategy?

When technology wasn't available, and people had to fend for themselves, grow and hunt their own food, and build things on their own the world was a simpler place.  

During this time, neighbors (while not exactly close in proximity) were there to help each other.  People cared about people.  Survival meant depending on others.

In society today, how many people could honestly say that they feel they could depend on their neighbor in the event of total catastrophe?

This area is dedicated to providing teachings, information, and tools to help in the event that technology is no longer available and survival means the ability to self-sustain.

We intend to provide as much information as we can and this area will constantly be updated with new information.

When SHTF or a Grid-Down scenario happens many people are not going to be prepared for it.  In February 2019 the Department of Homeland Security posted a notice stating that everyone needed to be prepared for a potential situation where America could be attacked by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse).  The notice stated that everyone needed to be prepared for possibly six (6) months with no electricity and that the country would basically be shut down.  

That meant EVERYTHING would shut down.  Every business, not just the non-essential ones (as seen during the recent COVID-19 pandemic) would be shut down because they wouldn't be able to order supplies they needed.  That meant no medicines because pharmacies would not be able to get their needed supplies of medications.

There are over 100 medications that Americans use every single day to mitigate their health.  As we saw at the bringing of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of those medications are manufactured in China and were not accessible.  What did people do then?  What will they do in the future if there is not a suitable substitute available?