COVID-19 Hi-Jacks Brain Cells

A new study out suggests that COVID-19 hijacks human brain cells, avoiding detection by the immune system, and using these cells to reproduce more virus.

Up until now, scientists did not believe that the virus could infect the brain cells directly, but they were wrong.

It is now known that the COVID can directly infect neuron cells. Again we see the virus using the ACE-2 receptors for their preferred mode of transportation, potentially entering the brain through the respiratory tract, the bloodstream, or directly.

COVID commandeers the cell and uses it to reproduce. It further causes metabolic changes in surrounding cells that are not infected. These surrounding cells die off in large numbers causing the brain to resemble "small strokes" on autopsy. It is believed that the infected cells are stealing oxygen from the non-infected cells and that is what is causing the metabolic changes.

Already we have seen that the virus can cause encephalopathy leading to brain fog, confusion, and delirium.

Immune cells have been seen in extremely small numbers around these infected brain cells leading scientists to believe that the virus is able to avoid detection by the immune system in the brain. This gives the virus unlimited ability to reproduce and cause death and destruction to the human body.

Initially, scientists thought there was some sort of brain involvement, especially since people were dealing with a loss of smell and taste, but they had yet to find any real correlation. The fear now is that the virus will find its way to the respiratory center of the brain and cause it to shut down. This is a very real concern when it comes to those who are severely ill and in the hospital.

We will bring you more information as we get it to keep you up to date on the latest developments. We want all of you to be as informed as possible.

Please share this article with everyone you know to help them stay informed too. Leave a comment below.

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