Opening the Door to Wellness: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

By: KJ Harvey

Wellness is the active process of becoming mindfully aware of one’s actions, reactions, and choices; and having the ability to make decisions based on working towards a healthy and positively fulfilled life.    -KJ Harvey

The Focus

· Balance

    · Prevention

       · Mindfulness

What affects balance?

This may be a confusing concept for some people but let me take a moment to break it down for you.

Chakras-Little swirling vortexes of energy reside within everyone

         o If they become blocked, they don’t function properly

         o If they get blown open, they don’t function properly

 Meridians are like the vein and arteries of the energetic world

o They ensure that energy flows naturally through us

o But, just like our circulatory system, blockages mean big issues

Karma effects the flow of energy both positively and negatively

o The actions of a person in all lifetimes are reflected on future ones

How can we fix it?

· Reiki

o A practice of energy running where the practitioner calls forth the universal energy and witnesses its great work in clearing blockages within their client

· Qi Gong

o A practice of precisely timed and flowing moves to encourage the “qi” to flow freely and smoothly through the body, revitalizing it

· Akashic records

o A place where all records are kept on the spiritual plane, past, present, and future

· Soul Retrieval

o A delicate practice of bringing back a piece of the soul that has been lost/misplace due to some tragic event

· Meditating

o “Meditating allows for the freeing of and then connection to the heart and mind for healthy decision making”-Kain Ramsey

Essence, Aroma, and Herbs, Oh My!!

Prevention of disease and disorders is probably one of the biggest elements of wellness.  In order to seek out natural ways to prevent conditions that take away from our wellness, and maintain our optimal state, we turn to mother nature.

Mom always has the best remedies!

One super powerful, completely side-effect free method of maintaining wellness is through:

Flower Essences.

They use the vibration of the flower to positively influence the negative energy states of the mental and emotional well-being

They help to heal wounds that have devastating effects

They instill peace, power, confidence, and love back into the taker

Wow! With all that, who WOULDN’T want to use them???

Essential oils also have an amazing place in prevention and maintenance.  Essential oils have so many different uses, to include:

· Diffusion

· Massage oils

· Baths

· Food (if on the GRAS list)

· Lotions

· And Balms

They have the ability to heal wounds, prevent infection, enhance the mood, increase circulation, and boost memory power.  They can do many more things, but this is just a quick list.

Herbs, plants, trees… using the whole of a plant, or certain parts of it, through food, drink, or poultice you are able to get other amazing effects.  The earth has created for us a natural pharmacy.  And even though all natural doesn’t mean all safe all the time, it does suggest that any side effects will have a drastically reduced negative effect than synthetic drugs.

Getting Healthy for Activity

Active Motion: incorporating physically active movements based on the ability of the individual doing it

                Not Everyone Is At The Same Level!!!

Too many times people are embarrassed to go to the gym or to even start a workout routine because of the negative connotations associated with being overweight.

But one thing to remember, it takes courage to choose to start exercising and to transform your physical body into the temple that your soul wants to live in.

By just getting up and taking a five (5) minute walk once a day, you are taking the first step towards your own personal ultimate wellness.

Nutrition (it’s not scary I promise!)

Here is another area where people often cringe just thinking about.


Because of crash diets=failure and many more negative effects than positive ones. 

By depriving the body of the nutrients is so desperately needs, eventually will lead to:

· Weakened immunity

· Heart palpitations

· Dehydration

· Cardiac stress

· Adrenal fatigue

· And weight gain

What words should be the focus of all nutritional changes for someone?

Lifestyle Change and Baby Steps!

Rome wasn’t built in a day!  And neither will the dietary changes necessary for optimal wellness, but they can start in one, and slowly build up until you reach your goals.

What is Mindfulness and how do I get some?

Awareness=Better Health and Wellness

By learning to be aware of the changes inside your own body, you can quickly catch when something is amiss and take steps to correct it before it becomes a problem.

Feel a cold coming on, off to the apothecary for some herbal tea.

Got a sore leg from over-extension during a running exercise?  I bet the apothecary has a poultice that will help with that, allowing you to take care of the issue before it becomes a real problem.

Are you suffering from emotional or mental concerns?  Being aware of them and being willing to release them has such a positive impact on your physical well-being.

Emotional and Mental concerns can lead to physical reactions in the body, so being aware of them can help combat those reactions.

My Final Thoughts

No matter how young you are, it’s never too late to start the transformation wellness.  Whether you need to up your game in the energetic balancing act of life, seek out all-natural ways to maintain wellness and prevent illness, or if you feel becoming more mindfully aware would be to your benefit, the most important thing that you can do is Start.

Are you ready to open the door to wellness?

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