Reality As We Intrinsically Know It

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Every day that passes, it feels like more and more people are getting lost, or falling asleep instead of actually waking up to what is truly real. 

RAWIKI is a teaching or the way each person sees and experiences reality, giving themselves a chance to get back in touch with what they essentially know to be the authentic truth instead of someone else's truth.

Instead of combating hate with hate, the thought changed too.

Well, maybe if we show one person at a time, or two people at a time that it's ok to be different, that your normal and my normal are not the same, and they don't have to be, and that is still ok.

So, here is a quick list of what RAWIKI means to me (I will explain each point in more detail later on, so bear with me):

  • Tossing "Unconditional Acceptance" out the window 

  • Labels DO NOT and SHOULD NOT ever exist.  

  • When you call something or someone out of their name it                                                    doesn't just affect that person, but it also affects you as well

  • Grasping the difference between the above phrase and this one:                               UNCONDITIONAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 

  • Knowing that all things in life require a balance and that                                                            the balance (of everything) is so far off if the earth were flat                                      we would be at the edge of falling off (gnosis)

  • Understanding that the only reason words are hurtful and cause                                      "triggers" is because we, as in feeler of those negative feelings,                                          allow them to happen

  • And fully coming to the understanding that no one wins when                                             we fail to take responsibility for our own actions, thoughts,                               reactions, and by not having control over the three things that we can, we give up more of ourselves than any one person should be given from us

The age of change is now folks. 

The world is in chaos, and only be truly understanding that we are more powerful together than we ever will be apart, is one of the most beautiful things that we could choose to learn. I will never ask anyone reading this to blindly ACCEPT what I have to share, but to instead decide for yourself if you resonate with my words if you can acknowledge them for what they are: My knowledge that I am trying to share with others because I have a belief, a knowing that at least one person will find my rants of a benefit and that spark will encourage them to create a spark of positive energy for someone else, and then that person will do it for someone else. It's called the ripple effect folks. One small act of kindness could absolutely mean the world to that person, and you'll never know if maybe they were about to do something "not so nice" but because you smile or waived, or helped in some way that you unselfishly decided to do; and all because it made you feel good to do it; as a person, you have no idea how bad things can be for some until you have experienced it for yourself. Now, that being said, not everyone's journey is the same, and there isn't anything we can do about that. It's time to really wake up and realize what we are doing, not just to our country, but to ourselves also, and every generation that will have the displeasure to come behind us if we continue down the path we are currently on. Come with me to RAWIKI

Conceptualized by the founders of Genuinely Natural

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