Uncovering the real truth behind biosolids and why food keeps getting recalled.

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In an article originally published by The Guardian entitled Biosolids: mix human waste with toxic chemicals, then spread on crops is getting nearly the attention that it should be.  The October 5th article by Tom Perkins should be all over the news right now, but sadly, it is not.  So, I decided to write my own article for everyone to read.

Biosolids…also referred to as Bio-soil…

What an interesting concept. 

Shouldn’t what comes from the ground naturally already be a biological product?  Isn’t normal fertilizer a biological product?  The main ingredients in any good fertilizer are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.  

Nitrogen is responsible for growth.

Phosphorus is required for flower and fruit production.

Potassium is required for the strength of a plant.

That being, said these compounds are naturally found in the soil. Farmers have in the past, and still today, integrated bovine dung to help with fertilizing their crops after it has been composted as they become vastly nutrient rich during the compost process.  Bovine/composted fertilizer is often either used as topsoil or by mixing it into the soil.

Already, there is a risk of additional hormones and antibiotic ingestion of plants grown in bovine/compost fertilizer because of all the drugs that are fed to livestock.

But it’s nothing compared to the EPA and FDA approved Biosolids used by many farmers today.  But what are biosolids?

Well, the term “Eat Sh*t and Die,” couldn’t possibly be more appropriate than right now.  

All the human feces that is flushed into the water system (approximately 300 million pounds daily) is sent to a waste management plant.  The water is filtered, cleaned, and discharged.  What remains is a toxic sewage sludge that has been deemed “the most pollutant-rich man-made substance on Earth,” by Nancy Raine an environmentalist for the Sierra Club. 

Biosolid sludge must be land-filled making it expensive to dispose of. The sludge also used to be done by burning it or by dumping it in the oceans.  Neither of these are good options at all.  The EPA, the FDA, and the federal government put a stop to burning it because they said it violated the clean air rules and created dead spaces in the ocean.  

But now another solution is being used to not only dispose of the sludge, but it also is a money-making option for the waste management industry.  And it is the exact reason why there have been so many food-recalls due to Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, among other pathogens and other illnesses related to the food we eat.

Biosolid or Bio-soil sludge is being repackaged as fertilizer and injected into the nation’s food supply.

By using this sludge as fertilizer on farmlands many people are becoming ill.  This is due to the contamination of our drinking water supply and injecting not just livestock but also humans with everything from animal antibiotics and hormones to pharmaceuticals given to people and PFAS.

60% of sewage sludge produced by treatment facilities will be spread on farmlands, home gardens, school grounds, and lawns by the end of 2019. 

That’s 300 Million pounds x 365 days which equals 109.5 Billion pounds of sewage sludge.  So 60% of this mixed into fertilizer is 6.57 billion pounds of toxic drug filled sludge that our water, food, children, and homes are exposed to.

This also includes over 80,000 man-made chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hormones, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasitic worms, as well as heavy metals, PCBs, PFAS, dioxins, BPAs and a multitude of other harmful waste substances.

So, while the EPA, FDA, and federal government say No Burning because it negatively impacts the clean air act, and No Dumping in the oceans because it creates oceanic dead zones, these agencies are perfectly ok forcing us to ingest these things in our drinking water and our food.  In the minimal testing the EPA has done, it has identified more than 350 pollutants, 61 of which are classified as ‘acutely hazardous, hazardous or priority pollutants,’ but by law they are only required to remove nine (9) of those.  To top it all off, the EPA and wastewater treatment plants are not required to test or analyze samples a majority of the other 80,000 man-made chemicals.

Even the Inspector General of the EPA has been reported as saying that the agency “lacked the data or risk assessment tools needed to decide on the safety of 352 pollutants found in biosolids,’ and that neither the EPA couldn’t properly regulate them.

A University of North Carolina study found that 75% of people living near farms that spread biosolid sludge fertilizer on their lands experienced health issues which included but is not limited to burning eyes, nausea, vomiting, boils and rashes, while others contracted MRSA.  And in South Carolina, high carcinogen level sludge was spread on cropland while in Georgia sludge has been the cause of increased bovine deaths.  Ever wonder what the cause of the toxic algae blooms were?  You guessed it.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Sludge fertilizer use has contaminated farms in Maine, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, and Wisconsin.  PFAS, “forever chemicals,” are linked to severe health problems such as cancer, thyroid disease, immune disorders and low birth weight.  State governments that have decided to do their own random sampling of lands that are sprayed with this toxic fertilizer are saying they have found kilograms of PFAS, which is vastly alarming considering it only takes nano-grams to be harmful to humans.

But it continues to be allowed.  The environmental office in Michigan has stated that it will no longer be testing for PFAS in milk because it doesn’t want to put farmers out of business.


They don’t want to lose business but have no real problem with killing us.  So, let’s say we just keep polluting the land with all these toxins, that will have no possible repercussions at all right?


They are, not so slowly, turning our earth into nothing more than a toxic waste site that will remain ruined forever.

Even knowing the devastation that is caused by this sludge, wastewater companies are touting this ‘fertilizer’ as ‘green’ and ‘organic’.  Even selling it in stores like Walmart and Lowe’s and getting away with it because the packaging doesn’t mention anything about it being composed of human and industrial waste.

I’m going to leave you with a link to the full article from the Guardian and one last thought.

At the very beginning of this article the qualities of fertilizer were discussed and their benefits to plants, and the not so great side of treating animals with antibiotics and hormones.

So, here is my question.  If the EPA, FDA and federal government are fully aware of, and ok with the use of toxic, drug laced, industrial chemical filled fertilizer (which is killing people), why then are they not ok with Naturopathic Medicine and herbal supplements?  I’m certain there is a less likelihood of death with natural medicine than there is with simply buy produce from the grocery store.

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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