Better than Bleach+C-60
  • Better than Bleach+C-60


    This comes in a 4 oz Spray bottle.


    This product is infused with C-60 fullerenes to enhance the cleaning ability of the spray and fill your home with positive balancing energy.


    Clean homes without chemicals.



    Bottle Size

    This product was created out of personal need and had immediate results at killing mold dead in its tracks. It is a very pleasant smell, and has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. This product can be used for all your home cleaning needs, even the items that need that "deep scrubbing."

    Freshen the air in your home without artificial air freshener when using this blend to clean your home.  

    Cut down on "home invaders" with this product and help keep your family safe from illnesses.

    *****This product is not intended for internal use or to be used on your skin.  We do not recommend any essential oil products for use as an internal product and only topical usage after it has been properly diluted.

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