Forest Walking+C-60: Aromatic Blend
  • Forest Walking+C-60: Aromatic Blend


    Only available in 5 mL size.


    This blend offers the benefits of walking through the forest without having to leave your home or office, but with an added benefit.  


    We infuse C-60 into this blend to enhance the natural abilities it already contains by adding a small piece of Elite Shungite to every bottle.


    The secret to the success of this blend lies within the trees themselves.  The trees produce a natural chemical called phytoncides that the trees use to naturally protect themselves from bacterial, viral, or fungal infections and they share that benefit with us. 


    Bottle Size

    This blend is part of the TKO Blend Complete Wellness Kit 

    But it can and is sold as a separate blend on its own.

    Phytoncides improve the human immune system by increasing natural killer cell activity. These cells respond rapidly to virus-infected cells and tumor formation. Studies show that increased natural cell activity can last for more than 30 days after a trip to a forest, suggesting that a trip once a month would enable individuals to maintain a higher level of natural killer cell activity. Other benefits from phytoncides include an increase in anti-cancer proteins; a reduction in blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones; reduced test scores for anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, and confusion; and increased scores for vigor.

    Forest bathing has been shown to be a powerful antidote against the physical, mental, and emotional problems of today. It helps to:

    • lower blood pressure
    • reduce stress and anxiety
    • increase energy
    • improve sleep
    • elevate mood
    • lower cortisol levels
    • boost your immune system
    • accelerate recovery from illnesses
    • improve the ability to focus (even in children with ADHD)
    • increase overall lung health

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