Advanced Immune Boosting all-natural herbal capsules intended to give your body the supplements it needs to advance its natural immune defenses.  Specially formulated to protect the body against viral infections. Each bottle contains 120 capsules for a 30-day supply.  Intended for daily use.

Bottle Size

Herbamunity's Immu-Boost is indicated for advanced immune support of your lungs, liver, brain, and heart.  By giving your body what it needs to naturally strengthen your own ability to discourage viruses from making themselves at home inside your body, you become able to fight off infections faster or not get sick in the first place.

It is also formulated to stop the body's immune system from kicking into overdrive as that can cause additional problems beyond what the virus itself can do.

All ingredients were specifically chosen for their specific abilities to influence the body's natural immune fighting ability.

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