Leaky Tire+C-60/CBD

Leaky Tire+C-60/CBD


Available in a 4 oz bottle.

Leaky Tire has shown to be effective with certain types of pitting edema and as a potential prophylactic against shingles outbreaks.

1,000mg of pure CBD in every bottle.

Bottle Size

Through scientific research we have discovered a blend of essential oils and carrier oils that has shown promise at helping to reduce certain types of peripheral pitting edema through application and movement. If edema is keeping you from walking around, this will may help. The more you move the better it works. Activated by kinetic energy this formula creates the sensation of literally having a leaky tire.

Swelling caused by fluid buildup is uncomfortable and potentially debilitating. Diuretics are sometimes not a feasible option. Leaky Tire is a once daily massage oil that helps provide the body with the ability to naturally remove this excess fluid.

This has massage oil is proven to work fast and is highly effective for individuals with pitting edema. It also shows potential as a natural shingles preventative, to keep them dormant.

Talk to a LifeCare Specialist if you intend to use this blend for shingles and stop taking your current regime of medication.

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