Oh, Happy Day! + C-60
  • Oh, Happy Day! + C-60


    Available in 15mL amber dropper bottle.


    Oh, Happy Day! is an effective anti-depressant blend that also has the ability to help people who may be suffering from phantom smells (also known as phantosmia or olfactory hallucinations).


    This sweet citric aromatic scent, with its touch of deeper earthy bliss, is capable of uplifting an individual's mood.


    Combination blend includes Bergamot and other essential oils.



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    This sweet and citricy aromatic scent, with its touch of deeper earthy bliss has shown great potential at uplifting a person's mood.  

    Oh, Happy Day! has shown to be an effective anti-depressive Blend that also show the ability to help with issues of phantom smells.


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