TKO Herbal Blend

TKO Herbal Blend


Support Your Body Needs When It Counts the Most.


Available bottles hold 60 capsules, enough for the whole family.


Take at the first sign of illness to enhance your body's natural germ-fighting ability and recover faster.


TKO Aroma Blend meant to Know Out Illness Totally.  Intended for use to give your body the strength it needs to stop infections in their tracks and get you back on your feet faster.  No one likes to be ill, what if you could mitigate illness and stop it before it takes hold and prevents you from living your life?  Your body is capable of keeping you healthy, sometimes it needs a little help.


Bottle Size

TKO (Total Knock Out) was specifically blended with COVID-19 in mind but works great for many respiratory and other viral infections.

Specific Properties of this herbal blend:

  • AntiviralACE-2 Protector
  • Cytokine Regulator
  • Dendric Cell Stimulator
  • Anti-hypoxia
  • Immunity Regulator
  • Stress Reducer
  • Antioxidant
  • ACE-2 Attachment Blocker

Oxidative Stress gives power to the COVID virus because it causes our bodies to be in a weakened state. We made sure to include a few adaptogenic herbs for just that reason.

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